Business Fraud Protection

Close your business to fraud. 

On average, Positive Pay fraud protection services at American National Bank prevent $2.5 million in potential fraud every year.

Vigilant countermeasures for an ever-present threat. 

Fraudsters depend on businesses letting their guard down. For their tactics to work, they need to sneak in unnoticed. So, increase your watchfulness and double check transactions with our Positive Pay suite of products and experienced Treasury Management team. You’ll gain a new level of defense against fraud.

Check Positive Pay

Our Standard Positive Pay reviews presented checks against a list of checks you’ve issued and compares dollars and check numbers for digits that don’t match. Suspicious activity is flagged, and you’re notified immediately. Payee Positive Pay adds another layer of security with payee verification.

ACH Positive Pay

Also known as “ACH filters,” this safeguard uses pre-authorized parameters such as amounts and company IDs to “filter” potentially fraudulent activity. Any transaction that falls outside of your presets is stopped on the spot. Approved employees can then review and resolve flagged transactions.

Additional security options to protect your business from online fraud:

Online business banking

Open separate ANB Go Business accounts for key business functions (payroll or returns) as additional barriers against fraud. You can also limit amounts in each account and use paperless statements.

ACH block

With an ACH block, all transactions—debits and credits—are stopped. Blocks are a powerful feature for additional security.

Dual custody

Dual custody for ACH requires a second user’s approval for payment initiation or requires one person to initiate the payment and a second person to approve the release of the transaction for processing. 

Catch fraud before it happens.

Connect with us to create a customized fraud protection plan that works for you. Send us your info and a fraud expert will contact you soon.

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